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Problems and suggestions for modification of yogurt packaging label (reconstituted milk)

"notice on strengthening the production and management of liquid milk" Many experts and enterprises in the food industry at home and abroad think this labeling method is inappropriate

first, "yogurt" and "reconstituted milk" are two different products, and the two names cannot be marked on one product

GB 2746 -- assuming that the oil delivery valve of the electronic universal experimental machine shows abnormal sound or vibration, the definition of "yogurt" in 1999 is: a product made by fermentation with milk or milk powder as the main material, degreasing, partially degreasing or non degreasing, adding sugar, flavoring and other auxiliary materials

and "reconstituted milk" is liquid milk reduced from whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder plus anhydrous cream and water

the product name is a special name that clearly reflects the true attributes of food. If it is specially marked next to the yogurt product name (reconstituted milk), that is, a yogurt product is marked with the names of "yogurt" and "reconstituted milk" on the package, This violates the provisions of " the special name reflecting the true attributes of food shall be clearly marked on the eye-catching position of the food label" in GB 7718-2o04 general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food

because "reconstituted milk" is not a raw material, nor a product, but a customary name for liquid milk reduced from whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder with anhydrous cream and water as raw materials. It has no standard. Raw materials for the production of yogurt are fresh milk and/or milk powder, and there is no "reconstituted milk". "Reconstituted milk" cannot exist in "yogurt" and "reconstituted milk" cannot exist in "reconstituted milk". To put it another way, mixing these two products will eventually become "yogurt" through lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Therefore, these two names cannot be marked on one product

II. This kind of marking makes enterprises at a loss.

If only "yogurt" is marked according to GB 7718 ~ 2o04, it will violate the "notice on strengthening the production, operation and management of liquid milk" of the general office of the State Council. If "yogurt" and (reconstituted milk) are marked according to the "notice" of the State Council, it will violate the national standard

at present, the global consumption of plastic is more than 260 million tons. 3. This marking method will also make consumers confused and misunderstood about the product attributes.

is this product "yogurt" or "reconstituted milk"? This misleads consumers and infringes on their interests. In the future, our Chinese products will go abroad! How to export "yogurt" products marked with "reconstituted milk"? Because there is no such standard in the world, after investigation by foreign consumers and relevant professionals, we found that some consumers misunderstood "reconstituted milk" and mistakenly believed that "reconstituted milk" was the milk and yogurt after repacking expired or unsalable or deteriorated milk

IV. the ingredients list of the original packaging of yogurt has indicated that its raw materials are fresh milk and/or milk powder, and there is no problem of misleading consumers on the product label.

yogurt is a fermented dairy product. Regardless of whether the raw materials used are fresh milk or milk powder, the quality of the final product is the same, and it also conforms to national standards. All production enterprises have used fresh milk and/or milk powder as the main raw materials according to national standards, Labeling raw materials such as fresh milk and milk powder in the ingredient list according to the national standard does not mislead consumers in product labeling, nor does it exist what some people call "the lack of national standards", nor does it damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and dairy farmers. On the contrary, if regulators, associations and media at all levels fail to guide consumers in a timely and correct manner in the process of publicity and law enforcement, consumers will misunderstand and and lose confidence in the whole dairy industry. This will affect the development of the whole dairy industry. The ultimate victims are not only dairy enterprises, but also the interests of dairy farmers and consumers

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