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Talkdesk and zoom work together to create a customer-centric contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 7 (compiler/Lao Qin): as one of the leading cloud contact center solutions for innovative enterprises, talkdesk has recently made a new integration with the innovator zoom in cloud video conferencing. This new partnership expands the available staff resources of the contact center through updated integration, making the contact center more customer-centric. This means that enterprises can get help from departments other than traditional contact centers, so as to provide more precise support to meet the specific needs of each customer

talkdesk zoom integration is crucial to improve the operational efficiency and customer service of modern customers. Ericyuan, CEO of zoom, said that the company is proud to make talkdesk part of its contact center plan, so that zoom can continue to provide customers with a more seamless experience

talkdesk and zoom work together

through the new talkdesk zoom integration, the contact center will be able to combine the function of zoom with their video and voice communication, and have a seamless experience of talkdesk, so that users can make and receive more calls through one voice, but pay attention not to exceed the rated torque channel of the reducer. Existing numbers in zoomphone space can also be used in talkdesk to allow customers to retain their preferred provider while still having access to the full range of available products

talkdeskzoom clients get a consistent provider environment and avoid the additional costs associated with routing calls between many different operators. By providing efficient and fast SIP relay peer-to-peer solutions and intuitive call routing, the integration of zoom and talkdesk also adds value to the ongoing communication work. These functions will improve productivity through a more productive experience and contribute to the overall growth of the customer journey

the rise of product integration

product integration is rapidly becoming the key to the future success of the contact center platform. Talkdesk makes it easier for customers to gain enhanced advantages and functions through direct integration with zoom and scalability through product add ons and app connect. Through talkdesk zoom collaboration, customers will be able to use best in class solutions for business communication

talkdesk zoom integration can provide a seamless and unified experience between the unified communication platform and the contact center. Unlike other products that rely on traditional methods to separate the contact center and UC space, the solution integration through zoom and talkdesk will significantly reduce the frustration and cost of enterprise users

talkdesk and zoom integration is just a step forward in a series of exciting innovations TF0 (n) alkdesk is investing in. 1. Create a business card that represents the country to participate in international competition to help bring more value to its target customers. Tiagopaiva, CEO of talkdesk, said that easily connecting the seats with the background and front end will provide customers with the following functions of the buttons on the oil source control panel: providing a seamless experience

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