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Talking about: the combination of points

the measurement and judgment of point density of printed matter. One method is to measure the integral density of points with a densimeter, and then convert it into the percentage of point area. This method is more scientific and accurate

another method is to use a magnifying glass to visually measure the ratio of point area to blank area. If three points of the same size can be filled between two points (including black points or white points), the points of this size are called 10%. If you can fill in two points of the same size, it is called 20%. If you can fill in one and a half points of the same size, it is called 30%. If 1.25 points of the same size can be filled in, it is called 40%. Half of the black and half of the white points are 50%, and the number of points above 50% is just opposite to the above. This method is more intuitive and convenient, but due to experience, the error is large

shape of points

there are many kinds of shapes of points, such as round, oval, square, chain (diamond), cross, diamond, linear, scattered and other special shapes; The most commonly used point shapes are round, square and chain. Here are the characteristics and properties of these shapes:

1. Circular points

when displaying the picture level, the high-profile and middle tone points are side by side. Only in the dark tone, the edge overlapping phenomenon begins to appear. When the point percentage is about 78%, the perimeter of the circular point is the longest, and the point expansion rate is the largest at this time, Compared with other component preparation software, tapping starts to appear, and the density suddenly rises due to lapping. Pay attention to dust prevention and protective grounding, and there will be a jump when this step level appears,. Therefore, the wave destroys the continuity of the gradient curve and causes the level loss of the gradient region

the level of round dot high and middle note can be well preserved, while the dark dot is easy to merge

there are many circular dots in actual use, but some improvements have been made to the dots in actual use. Many printed matters adopt Euclidean shape (in Photoshop software, Euclidean shape dots are still called circles). The dots are square when the area ratio is 50%, and the bright tone is circular. Although the dark tone dots are also circular, they are different from the performance of pure circular dots in the dark tone, and their dot increase has been improved

2. Square point

the point is square. At 50% of the points, the perimeter of the point is the largest, and overlap begins to occur. At this time, the gain of the point is the largest, which is easy to cause skip

square dots have a strong ability to reflect levels, and the picture has rich gradations. However, the middle tone is not soft, the level transition is poor, and the performance is not good

3. Chain point

chain point is also known as diamond point. The point especially shows that the point after overlapping is in an obvious chain strip shape, so it is called chain point. The diagonal of the long axis and the diagonal of the short axis of the diamond point are different. When the long axis of the diamond starts to overlap, the short axis has no overlap. When the fracture of the contact surface between the short axis CFRP workpiece and the tool is caused by the pressure exerted by the tool tip, the long axis has already overlapped. Therefore, comparing chain points with square points, it is equivalent to decomposing one jump of points into two jumps. The percentage of points at the angle of the long axis is about 35%, and the percentage of points at the angle of the short axis is about 65%, so the jumping level is not too obvious

chain dots show a particularly soft picture, reflecting rich levels

In principle, the step jump caused by the overlap of points can be overcome by the adjustment of Rip's adjustment parameters, but the jump range has the effect of many factors, which has randomness in a certain range, and the jump position can only give a range, which is difficult to accurately locate, and even if it is carefully preset, it is still difficult to offset all defects; Therefore, the step jump caused by point overlapping can hardly be eliminated in actual production, and its influence can only be reduced by the mutual cooperation between the point shape and the characteristics of the image

The combination mode of

points has been the focus of attention in the industry in recent years. Many powerful companies are competing to launch their own unique or improved points through their own software and equipment, in order to pursue higher quality prints and maintain their leading position in the industry. The combination of various shape points, frequency conversion points and other technologies make the original image restoration suitable for its characteristics better

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