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Talk to the cleaning supplier about maintenance issues

one can achieve faster and more effective cleaning

every printing factory has some type of metal roller cleaning device. Whether it's simple or complex, daily or just when problems occur, everyone is looking for a better way to save time and reduce the risk of damage to expensive rollers

by working with your cleaning supplier, you can further analyze and diagnose special problems. I like to use the analogy of the relationship between doctors and patients. Doctors will determine the condition through professional examination and asking relevant questions in order to provide correct drugs or treatment to cure the disease. By analogy, your supplier can check each individual application and provide an effective cleaning solution for your corrugated rollers

such cleaning diagnostic treatment has been carried out in a packaging and printing plant in Louisville, Ky. This company is famous for its care and understanding of the cleaning and maintenance of Metal Embossed rollers. The method of cleaning and replacing the corrugated roll includes dragging the dirty corrugated roll out with a lifting system into the soda solution, and then replacing the spare corrugated roll on the machine. Effectively, the downtime of the printer for cleaning each roll is equal to the time of using the lifting device. Once the roller is removed from the printing machine, more than 70% of the high-end products with soda solution prevention technology will be wiped with a solution before being imported. I highly recommend this 6 The test results of the safety rope static load tensile testing machine can be output in Excel format, because it reduces the use of soda and can maintain the life of the ceramic coating of the corrugated roll

the main problem of cleaning the drum with solution is that there are particularly dangerous materials such as isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethane ketone and acetate. Unfortunately, the people who operate the cleaning system in these factories do not know that non-toxic solutions can also clean the drum well. Through firmness, the safety solution we provide is not only used for the pre cleaning of the drum, but also for cleaning the ink spots on the photosensitive plate, the ground and the printing machine

through communication, we can find better cleaning agents in the same factory. This user has two printing presses. Here, because the space for operation is very small, it is difficult to reach the metal roller. At his request, we provided him with an on-board cleaning device with a cleaning efficiency of 94%

unfortunately, not all printing houses are so lucky to have a lifting system to rotate the heavy metal drum. However, by analyzing, diagnosing and understanding your personal abilities, your cleaning supplier will provide you with an effective cleaning method, which will usually make the maintenance of your printing machine perfect. In other cases, effective cleaning can be accomplished by using a simple solution and a metal concrete anti dry crack testing machine operating steps striated roller brush

the value of cleaning, the good maintenance of metal drum and its effect on printing quality are usually not well understood. It is important to have a cleaning supplier who can understand the various changes in flexo printing and the relationship between them. By analyzing the diagnostic checks of these changes, the supplier can recommend the best cleaning equipment for your special requirements, so that your printer is in the best condition

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