Talkdesk releases new contact center seat assistan

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Talkdesk releases new contact center agent assistant capabilities

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CTI Forum () news on May 22 (compiler/Lao Qin): talkdesk announced the launch of talkdesk agent assistant, a personalized conversation assistant that actively supports front-line agents, to improve connectivity and save wood. Recyclable network center agents and customer experience

talkdesk agent assist provides innovative tools for contact centers, aiming to minimize search and data input tasks through the internal AI function of talkdesk IQ, so as to reduce the workload of agents, improve quality and reduce costs

providing real-time next best action for agents and eliminating the burden of cumbersome data input will enable them to focus on customers rather than worry about technology, said Dale sturgill, vice president of operations, employee bridge contact center

we regard talkdesk agent assist as a goal to change the rules of the game, aiming to achieve our goal, that is, to improve customer satisfaction while reducing the efforts of seats and customers

talkdesk agent assist is supported by talkdesk IQ native artificial intelligence (AI), which is a key enabler of all talkdesk products and provides real-time guidance to front-line employees to respond to customer needs quickly and accurately

when customers explain their needs, they will immediately provide answers or support information to the seats to speed up the dialogue and simplify the task

talkdesk agent assist can intelligently locate the information from the knowledge base or CRM as a recommended action in real time, thereby significantly shortening the processing time and improving the customer experience

in addition, the information captured in the agent interface can be automatically added to the account profile or work item information in CRM without any additional agent work

we are happy to launch talkdesk agent assist, which is our third product launched in 2019, demonstrating our commitment to lead through innovation. Tiago, CEO of talkdesk Tiago, which not only includes an 8-bit successive approximation converter, Paiva said

talkdesk agent assist is an intelligent consulting tool that provides data-driven real-time advice, the best next step and automation to help agents interact with customers and guide them to achieve quality and results advantages

unlike other providers using third-party technology, talkdesk agent assist is locally built and completely unified within the agent interface, while protecting all internal data from third-party sharing

these outdated and fragmented solutions rely on repetitive manual agent work and inadequate information repositories, third-party data analysis and AI technology

through talkdes, which serves nearly 9000 K Enterprise Cloud contact centers in medical and health units, customer service providers have a technical partner committed to data security and promoting the development of the industry

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