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Talking about led printing in the spring tide of green is quietly rooted in the hearts of the people

nowadays, green has become a worldwide civilized symbol, and everyone has become a practitioner of green action, which is first reflected in people's work and life. In daily work and life, the office uses special test software, precision sensors, and imported transmission structure room, which is known as the second living area. Ordinary office workers often spend more time in the office than at home, so the office has become the best choice for the green and gradual regulation of the variable speed potentiometer

in this green tide, LED has become the mainstream concept of enterprise office. Specifically, it pays more attention to the progressiveness of technology and the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of products when purchasing office equipment, which also brings more opportunities for many office equipment and peripheral equipment manufacturers who pursue the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

data show that the biggest source of energy consumption and pollution in the office is the office equipment itself, which is closely related to every office worker. People who have worked in the office must have a deep understanding of the peculiar smell of traditional printers at work, which is mainly a mixed gas substance produced by the printer through high temperature or current during the printing process. This once made the traditional printer criticized by people in modern office

however, all this has been significantly improved after the application of LED technology in the printing field. As the creator and leader of LED printing technology, Oki company has been committed to the R & D and application of LED printing technology for decades. Its LED printer products are sold in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and Oki brand is favored by users all over the world. LED is recognized as the representative of green technology all over the world, and led printing technology is a milestone of green innovation in the printer field

first of all, LED can greatly reduce the generation of harmful mixed gases, and ozone with peculiar smell is part of the harmful mixed gases, and it is also the main gas emitting this peculiar smell. As the core component of the printer, the light energy emitted by the LED print head itself is small when it works, and it will not ionize the air, so naturally it will not produce ozone. The detection by the national authoritative department shows that the amount of ozone produced by the LED printer is almost zero when it works for a long time

all electric energy is converted into light energy, which can make the photosensitive drum expose more quickly and accurately in the printing process, so as to perfectly complete the work of generating latent image by the photosensitive drum. In addition, because there is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the LED spectrum, there is neither heat nor radiation in the work. It can be said that led technology effectively reduces the production of harmful mixed gases in the process of photosensitivity and printing

led technology brings more green effects to printers. For example, the LED printer product newly released by Oki company consumes less than 1 watt in dormant state; For example, the use of LED technology greatly reduces the internal components of the printer, thus directly reducing the use of production materials from the production end; For example, the volume of Oki LED light-emitting head is only a fraction or even dozens of that of traditional printers. The reduction of the volume of the light-emitting head will inevitably lead to the significant reduction of the internal structure of the printer, which plays a positive role in environmental protection in the production process, transportation and recycling process. Due to the shrinking volume of LED printers, little filling materials are used in the packaging boxes and inside, which can greatly reduce the production and use of auxiliary materials, and also reflect the green concept

in addition, the high stability and long life of LED itself, the reliability of our production experimental machine, the stable performance of our production experimental machine, and the characteristics of our production experimental machine to share the worries of customers will also bring new applications to printers. Generally, the service life of LED light source can reach 100000 hours. Theoretically, it can be understood that the light source part of LED print head can work for 11 years by printing continuously 24 hours a day and night. As a consumable of office equipment, this is obviously the best interpretation of green office

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