Talking about short edition printing and large eff

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Talking about short edition printing and large efficient printing equipment

generally speaking, short edition printing should use small equipment, but this time the author wants to talk about using large efficient printing equipment for short edition printing

now the printing volume of each printing of live parts is shrinking, and the efficiency of printing equipment is getting higher and higher. It is mainly manifested in: first, the printing speed of all printing equipment is constantly improving. For example, the maximum printing speed of sheet fed offset printing machine has developed to 18000 ~ 20000 sheets/hour, the printing speed of web offset printing machine and web gravure printing machine has reached 15 meters/second, and even the speed of digital printing machine is also rapidly improving; Secondly, the printing width of the printing equipment has been continuously increased. The printing width of the sheet fed offset press has reached 1510mm 2050mm, the width of the paper tape of the newspaper web offset press has reached 3, the width of the paper tape of the commercial web offset press has reached 2.25m, and the roll development length is 1240mm; The width of the paper tape of the web gravure printing machine for books and periodicals has reached 4.32m. Even the printing format of the digital printing machine has developed from A4 and A3 format to A2 and A1 format. The format is becoming wider and wider, and the development is rapid

the case analysis understands the contribution and Enlightenment of advanced material technology to sustainable development.

the increasing size of printing equipment is due to the needs of the development of large format printing materials such as packaging, advertising, posters, etc., but more importantly, it is to improve productivity. Let's look at two examples of foreign printing plants

prinovis printing factory in Liverpool, England, opened in June 2006. All printing equipment are three web gravure printing machines with a width of 4.32m and one web gravure printing machine with a width of 2.75m. All four equipment were put into operation at the end of 2007. The factory has 400 employees, with an annual printing capacity of 160000 tons of paper, mainly printing magazines, newspaper inserts, advertising prints, direct mail and travel catalogues

Espace mediagroup newspaper printing plant in Bern, Switzerland, in order to expand the newspaper printing capacity, uses a large drum offset press with 3 widths and 9 towers. This kind of printing machine has 6 plates in the axial direction and 2 plates in the circumferential direction, which is very efficient. They believe that the ideal printing parts of this newspaper printing machine are to produce thousands of local newspapers. When the structure of the movable parts is ideal, the cost-effectiveness of the printing machine of 6-edition wide and short edition printing and large-scale and efficient printing equipment is unparalleled. They summed up the advantages of this kind of printing machine as follows: we only need three towers to print on a three width large cylinder printing machine. If the practical temperature is low, we need four and a half towers to produce 72 versions of double-sided color, while to use a double width large cylinder printing machine, we need four and a half towers. With the same printing volume, the number of printing towers decreases. Therefore, the small floor area can reduce the investment of printing plant; The number of paper tapes is reduced, and the scrap rate is reduced; The printing tower is reduced, the preparation time is shortened, the productivity is improved, and the operation and maintenance personnel can be reduced at the same time

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