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Talk about whether it is reliable to drive a new energy vehicle in rainy days

in many sections with poor drainage, the swimming mode is turned on after a disagreement. Everyone knows that water is one of the natural enemies of machinery. Who is flooding the vehicle may cause damage to electronic components. If water directly enters the engine, it may cause serious consequences of cylinder explosion. The problem of vehicle wading in water is once again brought to the table for discussion. On this issue, we all know how to deal with the wading problem of ordinary fuel vehicles. However, with the popularity of hybrid and new energy vehicles, the wading problem of such vehicles has also become the focus of car owners

does electric vehicle leak electricity when wading

most people think that electric vehicles are like a super large battery. Who will cause battery short circuit or leakage after soaking in water, especially the rain with a large amount of impurities, will be more dangerous after soaking in rain. Once the new energy or hybrid models leak, the consequences will be unimaginable. In fact, this is the misunderstanding of most consumers about new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles

the batteries of pure electric vehicles produced by regular car companies are completely enclosed structures, and there will be no risk of leakage even if they are immersed in water. Now most manufacturers have conducted safety tests on the battery pack. In order to test the waterproof performance and safety performance of the battery pack, they soaked the battery pack in water for 24 hours, and then tested its various indicators and performance. Another point is that batteries in new energy vehicles require extremely high purity of electrolyte, and technically no external liquid is allowed to enter. Therefore, it is impossible for external water to enter the battery and cause electrical short circuit, or other conditions that may cause passenger safety

has a very strict waterproof standard

for the waterproof requirements of electric vehicle battery packs, the state has issued a formal document. In the "safety requirements and experimental methods of power batteries for electric vehicles" issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, it clearly stipulates the safety indicators of batteries and battery modules used in electric vehicles, as well as the related D1> 5. Everything needed for the detection of Jinan gold testing machine should be strictly observed and D1 <9, If some of the products presented by the company cannot meet the customer's needs, 50 pieces of the batch shall be sampled for inspection again, and the number of unqualified products D2 shall be checked, which shall be determined according to the following rules: experimental method. We all know that seawater or salt water is the most conductive. This standard puts forward the inspection requirements for seawater immersion of single cells and modules: when the battery is fully charged, immerse it in 3.5% NaCl solution for two hours, immerse the whole solution in the TV, and observe it for one hour; When the module is fully charged, immerse it in 3.5% NaCl solution for two hours. The solution needs to be completely immersed. Researchers at the University of California Riverside developed a transparent polymer material module with ductility and conductivity, and observed it for one hour

in addition, the "lithium ion power battery pack and system for electric vehicles: Safety requirements and test methods" has more detailed requirements on the safety level of lithium ion power battery pack and system for electric vehicles. One of them includes immersing the lithium-ion power battery pack or battery system in 3.5% NaCl salt water for 2 hours under the on-board state, and it is required to have no fire, explosion and other phenomena

eight international waterproof grades

the IP protection grade data drafted by the International Electrotechnical Commission shows that the waterproof grade of electrical appliances can be divided into eight grades from ipx1 to ipx8, of which the highest grade ipx8 means that the vehicle can be silent under the specified water pressure indefinitely and ensure immersion to cause damage. As an intuitive example, in domestic electric vehicles, the waterproof grade of BAIC Saab D50 is about ipx5, which can basically prevent water from all directions from entering the vehicle and causing damage; For example, the waterproof grade of Roewe E50 has reached the standard of ipx7, which means that the vehicle will not be damaged due to immersion for a certain time or the water pressure is below a certain standard

at present, the protection level of many electric vehicles has reached the level of IP67. It needs to be said that according to the regulations, we can see that this waterproof level should be able to immerse in 1 meter deep water for half an hour without problems. The "1 meter" here is not 1 meter deep water on the road, but 1 meter below the battery and related electronic equipment. If Tesla is taken as an example, it is equivalent to Tesla being completely silent in the water

without the participation of internal combustion engine and any air, new energy vehicles do not need to worry about the problems of exhaust and air intake, so theoretically, the wading ability of new energy vehicles is much greater than that of traditional vehicles

conclusion: when you finish reading this article, please don't try to drive your car as a "submarine". For the safety of yourself and your family, you must drive the flooded road safely and carefully

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