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Talking about how to do a good job in the safety work and Countermeasures after the custody of liquefied gas cylinders

in recent years, due to the rapid economic development of our country and the continuous improvement of the living standards of the majority of old people and surnames, the use of liquefied petroleum gas is becoming more and more common and developing to rural areas. However, while using it, all kinds of leakage and explosion accidents are also on the rise. In the event of an accident, the failure to pay attention to the sealing of the pressure reducing valve when replacing the cylinder accounts for a large proportion, and the user's weak safety awareness often only cares about the use and ignores the safe use conditions of the cylinder. The concept of the common people is that I own gas cylinders for lifelong use. In order to eliminate the extended service of steel cylinders in the society and provide a safe use environment for the common people, this year Jinhua City, according to the regulations on safety supervision of liquefied gas cylinders issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, "gas cylinder filling units can only fill gas cylinders with their own property rights, and cannot fill gas cylinders whose technical files are not in their own units", According to this regulation, the replacement work of this steel cylinder census will be completed before the end of May 2004. After several months of general survey and property right replacement, the safety contradiction of LPG cylinders is also acute and prominent. The old surname believes that after the custody of steel cylinders, all safety problems should be borne by the enterprise; However, in terms of safety, enterprises can only do the safety inspection before and after the filling of steel cylinders, and the final use is still in the hands of customers; The service of taking and delivering steel cylinders to dealers is an intermediate link; Therefore, no matter which method or guarantee is used after the custody of LPG cylinders, the cylinders have a safe environment and can be filled and used safely. I'm here to talk about my views

I. The business unit of liquefied petroleum gas (or liquefied petroleum gas storage and distribution station) is the unit that stores, fills, overhauls and inspects steel cylinders. To ensure that each intact steel cylinder leaves the warehouse, the following must be achieved:

(I) the filling unit must meet the requirements of the national standards for safety technical conditions of the filling station, strictly implement the relevant regulations on cylinder filling, and ensure that the filling quality can be traced and checked. The filling unit must train the filling personnel and inspectors before and after filling in the nature of natural gas, basic knowledge of gas cylinders, potential hazards and emergency treatment measures, so as to work with certificates

(II) the filling unit shall carefully check and deal with the steel cylinders in one of the following cases before filling, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to fill:

1. The steel seal mark and color mark are not in line with the table regulations, and the medium in the stripped cylinder is not confirmed

2. Accessories are damaged, incomplete or do not meet the requirements

3. There is no residual pressure in the bottle

4. Those exceeding the inspection period (according to the national standard gb8334:ysp:50, the first three inspection cycles of other types of steel cylinders are four years, the last three-year inspection, and 15 years of mandatory scrapping)

5. There is obvious damage and needs further inspection after the inspection of the appearance and the promotion of R & D

6. Oxidized or strongly oxidized gas cylinders are stained with grease

7. The first filling of flammable gas cylinders or the first filling after regular inspection has not been replaced and vacuumized:

(III) the filling unit must ensure that the quality and quantity of the filling managed steel cylinders are more safe. According to the national standard, the filling volume of YSP-10 is 95 ± 03kg, that of YSP-15 is 145 ± 0.5kg, that of ysp5, and that of experimental procedure-50 is 49 ± LKG; For customers, it is not allowed to be short in weight, nor to overfill (or fill the whole bottle). The liquefied petroleum gas expands and contracts with the rise and fall of temperature, which has serious hidden dangers. For every 1 ℃ rise in temperature, the pressure of liquefied gas in the cylinder will increase by more than 84mpa, while the explosion pressure of liquefied gas cylinder is more than 8Mpa, and there is a danger of explosion when the temperature rise exceeds 4 ℃. Therefore, the wide packing unit must implement the prohibition of overfilling

(IV). In the use of LPG, many accidents are often caused by the leakage of angle valve. Therefore, the liquefied gas filling unit must check the integrity of the angle valve and fill in the records before and after filling, and should check it in place. In addition to finding the problem, it should also check the root cause of the problem in time. If it can be repaired, it should be filled after repair, and it is strictly prohibited to fill the defective cylinder out of the warehouse. In case of direct leakage (air leakage at the valve rod); The damage of 0-type sealing ring leads to the leakage of the angle valve. Take the angle valve of YSP-15 steel cylinder as an example: first, put the valve in the closed state, remove the handwheel, remove the angle valve pressing cap, take out the valve rod, and replace the 0-type sealing ring and gasket, then install and tighten the pressing cap, replace the handwheel, and fill and leave the warehouse after passing the inspection; If it is mouth leakage (several places in Jiaoyan mountain are angry); Due to long-term use and wear, the sealing gasket at the lower part of the trap valve parts cannot achieve the sealing effect, or because the iron slag and other things clamp the corner valve port, and the air leaks because it is not tightly closed. In this way, it is necessary to go to the special maintenance warehouse. The residual liquid must be pumped out, the pressure in the cylinder must be evacuated, and the movable door parts must be replaced or the dirt can be removed before filling and delivery; In case of thread leakage, the connection between the conical thread tail of the angle valve and the LPG cylinder leaks, and the trapped sealing material is invalid or the beginning of the thread is loose. For safety reasons, it is best to send it to the inspection and riding station for maintenance, and do not trim it at will

the company implements ISO9001, iatf16949:2016 and other quality management systems

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