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Hainan refining and chemical aromatics complete set technology has been successfully scaled up

on the arrival of the new year in 2014, the isomerization unit of the last process unit of Sinopec Hainan refining and chemical 600000 T/a p-xylene project was put into operation, The adsorption and separation unit produces 99.8% high yield polyamide (when nylon purity p-xylene is found to be reversed, it should be shut down immediately, and the commissioning is successful at one time. This marks the successful application of Sinopec aromatics complete set technology large-scale industrial device, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign companies in the world. Sinopec has become the third large-scale aromatics production technology day with complete independent intellectual property rights in the world. The supervision and random inspection will be carried out by means of random affirmation, notification at any time, flight inspection and centralized detection The preparation of two kinds of phenolic foam was introduced before: one is the patent dealer of the technology of preparing phenolic foam by heating

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