The layout of the hottest future chemical industry

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In the future, the layout of chemical industry will be far away from cities and enterprises will enter chemical parks. Bai Yi, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, said on November 7 that with the increasing requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in the whole society, the policy requires that the layout of chemical industry in the future should be far away from cities and chemical enterprises should enter chemical parks

"Generally speaking, the overall profitability of the industry in the first three quarters of this year is good. The current products of individual industries such as PWS ⑴ 00 embedded channel message fatigue testing machine, spare wheel lifting durability fatigue testing bench, PWS ⑵ 54 channel automobile torsion beam fatigue testing system, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading fatigue testing system, automobile transmission shaft change fatigue performance testing bench, leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing system and other special products The economic indicators such as fertilizer and salt chemical industry are not very good, and the performance of new materials and fine chemicals is acceptable. " However, she also pointed out that since 2011, the number and amount of loss making enterprises in the petroleum and petrochemical industry have increased, and it is expected that carbon emission reduction and other requirements will further increase the cost of the industry in the future

Bai Yi believes that it must be pointed out that at present, the petroleum and petrochemical industry is entering a critical period of industrial transformation. Among them, the structural shortage of petrochemical products continues, the backward technological capacity still accounts for a large proportion, and the repeated and low-quality construction is outstanding in local enterprises. At the same time, resource shortage is still the main factor restricting industrial development. With the introduction of the latest natural gas utilization policy, the use of natural gas in chemical industry will be limited, while the development of coal chemical industry will be restricted by water resources

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