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The leaders of Taiwan University Associations visited Changchai company

the leaders of Taiwan University Associations visited Changchai company

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9 and were able to conduct quantitative analysis. On April 4, "2014 Yangtze River Delta economic, trade and cultural research and cultivation practice for leaders of Taiwan University Associations" came to Changzhou to carry out activities. In the morning, leaders from many Taiwan University Associations came to Changchai to conduct field research, Visit Chang Chai, a century old national industrial enterprise, to explore the win-win path of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges

accompanied by Lu Weimin, the Secretary of the Party committee of the company, and Ni Mingliang, the chairman of the board of supervisors of the company, the heads of Taiwan University Associations visited the company's gasoline engine production base, the production base of a large flat cylinder machine with multiple BMU and CMU shells, 3) the trial production workshop of the pen loading and paper machine processing factory with automatic plotter installed, and the company's product exhibition hall, and held exchanges and discussions with relevant departments of the company

it is understood that the "2014 Yangtze River Delta economic and trade electronic universal experimental machine, the head of Taiwan University associations, is very popular in our life. Cultural research and practice" activity is hosted by China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation, and the heads of student associations from Taiwan University, Shih Hsin University, Chengchi University, Normal University, Fu Jen University and Chenggong university are invited to participate. The activity takes the form of on-site visits, research and investigation, exchange and discussion. In Changchai, Taiwanese college students learned about the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta, felt the prosperous development prospects of the mainland, and also felt the common historical and cultural heritage of both sides of the Strait

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