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Star arrow special glass: the leader in the aerospace glass industry

aviation glass is an anti irradiation glass cover sheet applied to satellites and spacecraft, which is mostly on the solar cell array. It is necessary to ensure that the solar cell uses the measured average outer diameter and average tube wall thickness to calculate the polar moment of inertia and interface coefficient of the inertial sample, which are not impacted by various high-energy particles and harmful rays in space. In addition to having super radiation resistance, aerospace glass should be light, thin and strong. It is only the size of a stamp, but it is the most "sophisticated" product in the glass industry

in front of the park gate of Qinhuangdao Xingjian special glass Co., Ltd., there is a shabby van parked. The used cars that are incompatible with the clean and tidy factory are not placed at random. It has witnessed the development process of a private enterprise: starting from a second-hand van, it has become the leader in the aerospace glass industry through independent research and development

in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Xingjian company, we can see the equal scale models of the "Shenzhou V" to "Shenzhou X" series spacecraft, "Tiangong I" target aircraft and "Chang'e I" to "Chang'e III" lunar exploration satellites. Luyong, the general manager of the company, said proudly that at present, every satellite launched in China has the products of Xingjian company

"I've sold vegetables in stalls, barbecues in roadside stands, and furniture in stores." After resigning from a state-owned enterprise in 1994, the "leading pot of gold" of entrepreneurship was far more difficult for Lu Yong than he thought. By chance, he learned about aerospace glass, a strange technological product, and gave up the booming furniture industry

In 2000, Lu Yong registered and established Xingjian special glass Co., Ltd. in Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. Read books, consult experts, and gradually attract talents. In order to master the core technology of the formula of special glass products, Lu Yong spent almost all his money on scientific research, and even sold his house

after continuous learning, research and experiment, Xingjian's team finally mastered the material formula and manufacturing process of relevant products. By 2007, the radiation resistant glass cover sheets for satellites produced by Xingjian company, which has only dozens of employees, have accounted for half of the market in the industry

"in the process of entrepreneurship, the company also encountered many difficulties in terms of venue, capital and so on." In order to free up more production space, Lu Yong took the initiative to give up his office and bought a second-hand van to work in throughout the year

Hu Yingjie, director of the Management Committee of Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the development zone has given great support after understanding the site difficulties faced by the development of Xingjian company. In just one year, more than 13000 square meters of Xingjian plant was successfully put into use in early 2012

this caused customers to lose more than they gain. Just as the staff of Xingjian company was preparing to do a big job, the aerospace glass industry in 2012 encountered an ice age. With the sharp decline in orders, the capital chain of stararrow company also encountered a problem: the cost of plant maintenance is unsustainable. When it was most embarrassed, the company couldn't even pay the electricity bill of 20000 yuan a month

things finally turned around. Relevant departments of Qinhuangdao development zone have transferred more than 1 million yuan of support funds for growing small and medium-sized enterprises to the company's account, and provincial and municipal technological transformation funds have also been transferred to the company's account. After the financial difficulties were alleviated, the market began to warm up in March 2013, and the company's orders soared

Xingjian company, which has stabilized its foothold, has gradually gained 97% of the aerospace glass market share and is still in the period of strategic opportunities. Relying on independent innovation, Lu Yong led the team to overcome the high-strength ultra-thin anti irradiation glass cover sheet and flexible anti irradiation glass cover sheet for satellites. In 2015, Xingjian company newly developed 0. 05mm thick ultra-thin flexible anti radiation glass cover, this product can save the launch cost of more than 3 million yuan for each satellite in the country, and save the launch cost of nearly 60 or 70 million yuan for the country every year

"when sitting in the van, I didn't dare to think I could make a piece of glass to this level." Lu Yong said that in the face of opportunities and difficulties, it was practical innovation that made "Xingjian", a private enterprise, open a window on China's aerospace glass industry

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