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The layout of leather chemicals industry in China's economic market

the global production of leather chemicals is mainly concentrated in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other developed countries and regions. With the transfer of the leather industry to Asia and developing countries, the quality and parameters of the world's leather chemicals multinational BASF (Germany) and Germany's later machines are clear. 1 LANXESS, Clariant (Switzerland), Stahl (Germany) TFL and other companies in Germany have established regional headquarters in Asia and developing countries, with advanced technical equipment and professional testing team departments, factories, R & D centers, service centers, etc., to strengthen their competitiveness in the world, especially in the emerging and rapidly developing leather industry economy markets (such as China). Silver nanowires of large multinational companies are metallic silver 1D fibers with a diameter in the nanometer range (generally between 20 (1) 00 nm) and unlimited length, accounting for nearly 40% of the global leather chemical market

with the gradual eastward shift of the world leather center, the focus of the world leather chemical manufacturing industry has also shifted to the Asia Pacific region, which has brought major opportunities for the further development of China's leather chemical industry and the upgrading of industrial structure. In general, the overall demand for leather chemicals in China's domestic market is slightly greater than the supply, especially with the continuous development of China's leather industry, the domestic market for functional, clean and environmentally friendly middle and high-end leather chemicals is increasing, and the market demand for middle and high-end leather chemicals is far greater than the supply. Judging from the current output and product structure of China's leather chemicals, the production capacity of high-end and green leather chemicals is still in serious shortage. More than 90% of the domestic market of high-end and green leather chemicals is occupied by foreign large multinational companies, which also brings great challenges and market development opportunities to domestic leather chemical enterprises

after years of development, brother Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved a prominent market position in the field of leather chemicals and occupies a pivotal position in the global market segment. The global market share of leather chemicals of the company is more than 2%, ranking first in China, of which chrome tanning agent has a global market share of more than 9%, ranking third in the world and first in China

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