The LCR calorimeter of the most volcanic donglichu

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LCR heat meter of Shandong Lichuang technology company has been successfully filed in four provinces

with the deepening of national energy conservation and emission reduction and heating metering reform, it is imperative to charge by metering for central heating in northern China. Previously, some low-quality heat meters have been unable to meet the requirements of truly measuring heat consumption, and the low-quality heat meters installed since its development have also buried hidden dangers for the development of heat measurement

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following the Shandong Provincial Construction Department's significantly raising the threshold for the sale of heat meters in Shandong and carrying out the recommended catalogue of heat metering devices, many provinces and cities have implemented the recommended catalogue system in combination with the local situation, aiming to select a number of companies (brands) with strong strength, hard technology and good products to serve the local heat metering work

Shandong Lichuang Technology Co., Ltd. with its business scale, technical and financial strength, has fully independent intellectual property rights, high-quality and low-cost LCR mechanical heat meters and lcr-u ultrasonic heat meters, as well as after-sales service commitments, and has been successfully shortlisted in Liaoning, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang. In addition, lcr-u ultrasonic heat meter has been listed in the catalogue of promotion of red phosphorus energy transformation technology, which is widely used in existing building festivals, by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. This is not only the recognition of Li Chuang from all walks of life, but also the result of the joint efforts of Li Chuang and the distributor team

Shandong Lichuang Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy that the quality can facilitate the extension and retraction of the piston and other functions, the service is considerate, the price is reasonable, and the business is honest and trustworthy. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to join us and jointly serve the cause of heating metering

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