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tunnel shares: special industry leaders have supplementary requirements

tunnel shares: special industry leaders have supplementary requirements

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Guide: the company is an enterprise specializing in soft soil tunnel construction, and it is also the first listed joint-stock company in China's construction industry and the first construction enterprise in China to set up a postdoctoral workstation, Become the first company in Shanghai to pass ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and gb/t

the company is an enterprise specializing in the construction of soft soil tunnels. It is also the first listed joint-stock company in China's construction industry and the first construction enterprise in China to set up a postdoctoral workstation. It has become the first construction enterprise in Shanghai to pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and G, but its shortcomings are more prominent: the processing of chemical products is not deep, and the b/t28001 occupational health and safety management system certification

leading advantages in special industries are obvious.

tunnel shares is the first listed company of China's construction enterprises, and it is also the only listed construction company engaged in underground construction. Shanghai Urban Construction Group, the controlling shareholder of the company, is a key enterprise group supported by the Ministry of construction and Shanghai, and its background is very special. The company is mainly engaged in the construction of municipal projects such as tunnel and subway projects, elevated highway projects, etc

relying on its technical advantages in tunnel and underground engineering for more than 20 years, tunnel Co., Ltd. actively expands the field of civil engineering construction, from subway and river crossing tunnel engineering to sewage drainage, power plant water intake and drainage tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, foundation pit enclosure, and foundation treatment engineering. After the 1990s, it gradually entered the engineering fields of roads, airports, highways, elevated roads, overpasses, high-rise buildings, electromechanical equipment installation and so on. The construction field is gradually expanding, the construction output value is increasing year by year, and the enterprise profit is constantly improving

the company has always maintained the leading edge in China's soft soil tunnel industry, with oil source control on the left. It has undertaken to build all river crossing highway tunnels and rail transit river crossing tunnels at the bottom of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The tunnel construction technology level is close to and reaches the international advanced level. Tunnel, subway and highway construction has spread all over the country. Metro construction projects have been undertaken in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places, Ningbo Changhong immersed tunnel has been constructed in Ningbo, West Lake lakeside tunnel has been constructed in Hangzhou, Xiangyin road river crossing tunnel and Shangzhong Road River Crossing Tunnel with the largest diameter in the world have been constructed in Shanghai

the company's transnational business strategy has also made great progress: following the construction of the Singapore coastal line subway project with an output value of 1.6 billion yuan in 2001 and the subway project in Hong Kong, it won the Gold Award for construction safety from the land transport authority of Singapore in 2003 and the award in 2004. In August, 2004, after fierce competition with international famous construction enterprises, it won the largest project of Singapore Metro - the two general contracting projects of Singapore Metro ring line with a target of 2billion yuan. The tunnel construction project undertaken was rated as the best tunnel in Singapore by the international expert group, and the market share of shield construction reached 40%, effectively promoting the "going out" strategy of tunnel shares

advanced shield manufacturing technology has a strong competitive advantage

tunnel Co., Ltd. is also unique in the manufacturing of underground construction machinery: China's first double circular shield, produced in cooperation, was dug into and out of China's first double circular tunnel in the construction of Shanghai rail transit project, making China the second country in the world to master the construction technology of double circular tunnel after Japan; Independently developed the first super large rectangular pipe jacking machine in China, and successfully launched an underground pedestrian passage in downtown Ningbo. In October, 2004, the 863 plan for the localization of shield tunneling machine undertaken by tunnel Co., Ltd. made a major breakthrough. China's first subway shield tunneling machine with independent intellectual property rights was born in the tunnel Co., Ltd. machinery plant and successfully put into the construction of Shanghai rail transit. At the same time, tunnelling Co., Ltd. has actively invested heavily to build China's domestic shield industry and create a new enterprise with independent innovation ability. These measures have stimulated the development of these energy-saving and environmental friendly building materials and related manufacturing technologies. It shows that tunnel shares is transforming into the world's only composite enterprise that pays equal attention to construction management, asset operation and modern manufacturing industry

the shield price of the company is about 2/3 of the foreign import price. The price of German Herrick in the domestic joint venture is about 25million yuan/set, 25% higher than the company. The competitive advantage of the company's shield products is relatively prominent. The shield manufacturing business of the company will become a highlight of future business, benefiting from the construction of national urban rail transit. According to public information, although shield machines are reused in China, the market capacity will reach units in the coming years, with an annual increase of about units. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of about 20 shield machines. As the gross profit margin of shield products is much higher than that of construction business, once the shield sales achieve a breakthrough, the profitability of the company will be significantly improved. On the other hand, because the company has mastered the production technology and construction technology of shield, the sales of shield can also promote the growth of the company's tunnel construction business, forming a virtuous circle

the company plans to introduce foreign strategic investors to raise funds from AECOM, an internationally renowned engineering design company. The company plans to use the raised capital of 200 million yuan to increase the capital of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company, and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will implement the industrialization of domestic shield machines and expand the production scale of shield machines

actively involved in investment and financing business to stabilize operating performance

the company has also achieved breakthroughs in investment and financing. In order to reduce risks, the company invested in the construction and management of Ningbo Changhong tunnel and Shanghai Dalian road tunnel through BOT. Ningbo Changhong tunnel invested 420million yuan. In 2004, the company purchased 45% of the equity of Ningbo Changhong tunnel from urban construction group, and the shareholding ratio increased to 90%. The investment of Shanghai Dalian road tunnel is 1.65 billion yuan. At present, these two businesses have entered the payback period. Jiantai Co., Ltd., with 24.86% of the shares of the company, is engaged in the operation, management and maintenance of Shanghai Shanghai Jiaxing expressway. The investment of Shanghai Jiaxing expressway is 396million yuan, which brings 46million yuan of investment income to the company every year. The contribution of the company's operating business to profits is very obvious. In 2005, the company's operating profit accounted for 28.62% of its main business profit, with a gross profit margin of 58% and the investment income accounting for 35.3% of the total profit, effectively eliminating the risk of the company's continuous decline in the profitability of its construction business. At the end of last year, the company announced the share trading reform plan. In addition to paying 2.5 shares for every 10 shares, the company also innovatively proposed an asset replacement plan, that is, to replace 90.25% of the equity of the municipal first company controlled by the company with 100% of the equity of Shanghai jialiu Expressway held by urban construction group. Jiaxing Liuzhou expressway, which has been in operation for 21 years, is one of the "ten shoots" of the "three rings, ten shoots and two links" of the overall backbone roads of urban roads in Shanghai. At present, it has entered the investment return period. So far, the company has controlled two tunnels, one highway and participated in one highway. The stable growth of investment business will ensure the stability of the company's profits

with the increase of investment in transportation facilities in Shanghai and the implementation of subway projects in many large and medium-sized cities across the country, great opportunities have been brought to the operation and development of the company

according to the third quarterly report of the company in 2006, the top ten circulating shareholders of the stock are mainly institutions, and the positions of institutions are also steadily increasing. In the secondary market, the stock rose in shock, and the performance of this round of market should lag behind the general trend. As an institutional heavy position stock, there is a better opportunity to make up for the rise in the future market. Investors can pay attention

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