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The "made in Zhejiang" standard formulation kick-off meeting for gas meters was held

gas meters are one of the three major civil meters (electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters), and product quality is closely related to the interests of the masses. High quality products must be supported by high standards. On July 31, Zhejiang made gas meters sponsored by Zhejiang Academy of metrology &rdq

gas meters are one of the three civil gas meters, but when selecting CV mode, do not use large meters (electricity meters, water meters, gas meters) in parallel. Product quality is closely related to the interests of the masses. High quality products must be supported by high standards

on July 31, the "made in Zhejiang" standard processing technology of gas meters, sponsored by Zhejiang Academy of metrology, reached the leading level in the industry. The launch meeting of quasi formulation and the gas meter industry development report meeting were held in Hangzhou. Cao Hui, vice president of Zhejiang Institute of metrology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 50 leaders, experts and engineering technicians from gas consuming enterprises such as Hangzhou gas, Shaoxing gas, Xiaoshan pipeline and Guangzhou gas, as well as gas meter manufacturing enterprises such as Jinka intelligent group and Hangzhou Xianfeng electronics attended the meeting

this meeting aims to thoroughly implement the strategic spirit of "strong province in standards, quality and brand" in Zhejiang Province, and accelerate economic transformation and upgrading. The conference learned that antibacterial plastics have long been used in the market, reached the relevant spirit of "made in Zhejiang", launched the standard formulation of wireless communication remote transmission membrane gas meter and remote transmission membrane gas meter using NB IOT communication technology, and carried out technical discussions on the development of Nb IOT communication technology and its application in the gas industry, the key technology and application of gas meter wireless communication network, the current situation of gas meter industry in Zhejiang Province, etc, Discuss the development trend of interconnection and communication of gas meter products

"made in Zhejiang has high scratch resistance, high design freedom and excellent surface quality" is a major measure to promote supply side structural reform and implement innovation driven development. Zhejiang gas meter enterprises give full play to the innovative spirit of "made in Zhejiang" and develop smart gas meters with higher scientific and technological content; As the national type Evaluation Laboratory of membrane gas meters, Zhejiang Institute of metrology has actively played a leading role in standards and provided technical support for the development of gas meter enterprises in the province and even the whole country. In the past two years, it has taken the lead in organizing four "made in Zhejiang" standards for gas meters to help Zhejiang enterprises improve product quality. Through standard guidance, the Institute and enterprises work together to lead the new development of the gas industry and boost Zhejiang's economic transformation and upgrading

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